*clear Mojito*

Written by Suman Golder
Classic Mojito one of my favorite cocktail, so I make some experiment on this cocktail. I make classic Mojito in clear infused version.


  • * White Rum infused lime peel and pepper mint - 60 ml
  • *lime juice-15
  • *Sugar syrup-15
  • *method- shaken
  • *garnish- dhidrede lime and mint leaves.


  1. White rum infused with lime peel and pepper mint in 72 hours, first you take infused White Rum and add lime juice and sugar syrup than shake well than pour into the glass and garnishing and served.

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Meet the Author

I'm Suman Golder, a professional mixologist from Kolkata , West Bengal. I practice my craft at That place bowl and bar . Stop by and see me sometime!

cocktail making is my passion! I enjoy making drinks to impress guests and experimenting with flavours to explore new variants.