Viking Birthday Cake

Written by Bas van Hoek
For the pretentious nerd with something to celebrate. It brings out the best parts of both ingredients, creating a decently strong drink with a sweet, but balanced flavor.


  • 2 shots of cococut Malibu Rum
  • One glass of whatever beer is on tab


  1. Take a large sip of your beer so the glass has room for the fruit rum shots.
  2. Add the fruit rum shots.
  3. Optionally, pour the shots from high up, all at once. It will help the rum reach the bottom of your drink.

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Meet the Author

I'm Bas van Hoek, an amateur mixologist from Nijmegen , Gelderland.

I often drink alone.

I was dissatisfied when I originally tried a rum and coke,
Because you think you’re getting a really good rum, instead you get a really gross coke. I have been searching for a drink that compliments all ingredients.