Young T

Written by Tebogo Young T
Green blue glass like Young T


  • Sgl 1 gin Gordon's
  • Sgl 1 vodka absolute
  • Sgl 1 Bacardi white rum
  • Sgl 1 triple sec liqueur
  • Sgl 1 blue Curacao liqueur
  • Redbull 250ml can
  • Lemon slice and cherry


  1. Pour some ice cube I a balloon gin glass to the top
  2. Pour a measure of 25ml tot of the ingredients in the glass accordingly
  3. 25ml gin Gordon's, 25ml vodka, 25ml Bacardi,,25ml triple sec liqueur to give it that sweet citrus 25ml blue Curacao liqueur and lastly redbull 250ml/300ml
  4. Then prep a garnish of lemon slice and cherry put it on top to give it a Glow
  5. Ready to serve with the perfect kick no headache no babalaz u drink until u pass out
  6. Perfect drink Young T

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Meet the Author

I'm Tebogo Young T, an amateur mixologist from Mkhuhlu, Mpumalanga.

I am the one passionate bartender who can make magic behind the bar ,I started mixing alcohol at the age of 15yrs old I wasn't sure if I was being childish or it was my destiny until i realized that I was born for it I love making cocktails and mixing staff I worked at protea by Marriott for almost 10yrs and I was free lancing at skukuza camp mopane,shingwedzi and punda as a bartender so I left and got a job in skukuza at a new landscape Princist called Kruger Shalati train on the bridge which I was a bartender for some few months and then pointed as a head barman and made miracles and become more ambitious to it and made my own cocktails until now I'm still mixing and making cocktails for that place as I work the still ,in my part of life I am a rapper and a song write and a dancer hip hop dancer who have blessed by two beautiful children a boy and a girl graced by their mother which I love them all so much